About Jack

Jack Smith has been preaching full-time for over thirty-five years with twenty-five of them with the same congregation in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Currently, Jack has three books that are available to purchase, Are There Loopholes in God’s GraceLiving Without Limits and Marriage: Romance or No Chance (also available in a Kindle Edition).


There are so many great resources available for Christian families today. The following sites are recommended because Jack believes they contain valuable information for your family.

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Jesus Loves Me!

She entered my office with tears in her eyes. She was shaking uncontrollably and it was...

When I Get to Heaven

It was Avon Malone who I heard use this illustration first. It touched and challenged me...

Can It Really Be True?

Can it really be true that marriages can survive such things as affairs, abuse,...

Crossing the Line

In 1836 Colonel Travis drew a line on the floor of the Alamo with his sword. He asked the...

Building a Great Relationship

A great relationship doesn’t just happen, it is built. One brick at a time your...